Triathlon Coaching with Melanie Benson

Guidance you can trust from an experienced athlete and professional triathlon coach.

I am proud to be mentored by triathlon’s most successful coach- Brett ‘the doc’ Sutton, and Australia’s Olympic high performance manager Rob Pickard.  My coaching philosophy and methodology comes from the very top of the sport; no one has won more Olympic medals and World Championships in swimming and triathlon than Brett Sutton.

Brett’s winning principles can be applied at all levels and abilities to maximize training time and get results while staying injury free.  Whether you are getting off the couch to run your first road race, learning how to swim, or training for an Ironman triathlon, you can have confidence that you are using the same program and workouts as Olympic Champion Nicola Spirig and World Champion Daniela Ryf- just adapted to your level.


Coaching Packages

Monthly Mission Plan                                                                  

An individualized training program designed to achieve your athletic goals for a specific race or season.  An email consultation at the beginning of each month is used to determine your individual performance profile and set your training volume.  The plan is delivered online and includes the same TriSutto workouts and protocols that have produced Olympic and World Champions.


-1 email consultation.

-30 day training plan delivered online.

Monthly Mission Plan

30 days of training delivered on Training Peaks

1 email consultation at the beginning of the month


Online Coaching                                                                             

A flexible plan delivered bi-weekly that can be changed at anytime to address your personal circumstances and physical condition.  Unlimited daily contact with coach (on an as needed basis) ensures you stay on track and have support.  Applies the same intervals and intensities used by Olympic Gold medallist Nicola Spirig adapted to your level.  Includes performance testing in heart rate, power and pace so you train with accuracy and get results.


-Online coaching delivered bi-weekly on training software with unlimited contact and changes on an as needed basis.

-Incorporates field tests and biofeedback.

-10% off team kit.

-10% off training camps.

-15% off private swimming lessons and additional private sessions.

Online Coaching

Championship Coaching (Limited Spaces, only available in Abu Dhabi)

Full coaching (online and in-person) with a technical focus.  You will apply the same TriSutto techniques in swim, bike and run that the Angry Bird Daniela Ryf has used to fly to three Ironman World Championship victories.  Includes 6 in-person technical sessions to guide you in the areas you need the most help- swimming lessons, bike set-up, run consultation, race tactics, nutrition, – whatever it takes to see you succeed!  Based on the secrets of the world’s most successful triathlon program.


-Online coaching delivered bi-weekly on training software with unlimited contact and changes on an as needed basis

-1 video swim analysis session on month 1 with a follow up session every 6 months.

-4 in-person sessions to guide you in the areas that you need the most help (swimming lessons, bike set-up, running consultation, mental skills, nutrition)

-15% off team kit.

-15% off training camps.

-20% off additional in-person sessions.

Please contact me for additional information about Championship Coaching services.  Click the highlighted link to learn more about Coach Melanie Benson.

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